Healthy Workplaces

Sedentary Behaviour

Sedentary behaviour is a major contributor to obesity and chronic disease

Spending 8 hours or more a day in the workplace sitting at a computer has a significant impact on our health.

We can reduce the amount of time we sit at a desk and create a healthier environment at work

  • Make a standing workstation available
  • Holding walking meetings
  • Alerts on computers linked to outlook to remind staff to get up and stretch every hour
  • Lunchtime walks
  • Workplace pedometer/fit bit program
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • If you are in the same office, don’t email a colleague, walk to their desk and talk to them
  • Physical Activity Policy to embed behaviours into work practice
  • Catering at meetings and functions to include fruit and water along with tea or coffee. Reduce soft drink and fruit juice consumption
  • Fruit boxes in the tea room. Order online from a number of providers. Search Fruit Box Delivery
  • Healthy Catering Policy to embed healthy eating messages into work practice
  • Support national campaigns such as


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