Eat to Cheat Ageing Book


What’s it about?

Eat to Cheat Ageing Cover

Our everyday food choices have a great influence on our course of ageing—and, in some cases, the right choices might even be the opposite of what we think! Learn how it’s possible to cheat ageing and help the body meet the challenges of later age, to stave off dementia, diabetes, frailty, cognitive decline, and to stay healthy, active and independent longer.




Who is it for? 

Ngaire Hobbins

Authored by dietitian Ngaire Hobbins APD, BSc, Dip. Nutrition and Diet, this book is a practical, fun-to-read guide, written for the everyday reader approaching age as well as for health professionals.

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Eat to Cheat Dementia coverIf you are living with dementia, care about someone wo is, or are looking for ways to keep your brain in peak condition, this is the book for you.

Eat to Cheat Dementia builds on the science of nutrition and health that is so concisely addressed in the companion book Eat to Cheat Ageing. But in this book, the focus is firmly on the brain - what the brain needs for peak function, as well as what can be done to support it if cognitive issues arise.

Ngaire analyses the wide array of current science in nutrition and brain health and provides evidence based, practical advice in everyday language for all readers.

SPECIAL OFFER -  $30.  Free delivery. 

One book inc p&h in Australia