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Have a look at our photos from Rusty Tennis Flagstaff Hill, Indoor Rowing, Golf,  Beach Sports (City),  Surfing,  Rusty Tennis, & Fencing

Many thanks to our enthusiastic participants for taking part in these programs and agreeing to appear in our photo gallery so others can see what it's all about.

Rusty Tennis Flagstaff Hill

Our Flagstaff Hill group started in April 2015 and continues to grow.

Rusty Tennis FH

Rusty Tennis FH2 

RT2 small



Stand-Up Paddling

Watch our participants in action on this Youtube video!


Indoor Rowing

Indoor rowing, at Rowing SA, was so popular with our participants some of the original group purchased an ergo rowing machine for home.

Rowing group weblrg







 At the beginning many struggled to row 2 minutes continuously. Now they are regularly re-setting personal best times!

rowing in progress weblrg











Our active participants watching the coach, Mel, for the warm up.

 golfwarmup websmall








At different stages of swing! The fifth session was 9 holes. Results aren't in yet. Golfparticipantsonly websmall











Beach Sports (City)

 Cathy Beach Sports


Volleyball SA offered a variety of sports in their ‘Beach Sports’ program including beach bocce, beach badminton, beach netball and beach volleyball.

Cathy (left with Volleyball SA's Jonathon) was one of the participants. 






At Southport, Surfing SA had many smiling faces like those of John (right) and Margie and Cheryl (left) enjoying the waves. While the aim was to ‘get up’ on the boards, most were happy to enjoy the thrill of catching a wave.

 Margie and Cheryl Surfing

John Surfing








 Rusty Tennis

Old skills practiced for some and new skills learnt for others at Salisbury Recreation Precint in the Rusty Tennis program. 

The group were all smiles after participating in the half-court activity. Clearly fun was had by all.

 Rusty Tennis Group Web Small Rusty Tennis1 Small


All equipment provided and a dynamic coach to encourage your new skills.
It really is a fun and interesting work out.

Fencing Cathy Aimee Cropped Small